Chilly Willy verzet van 17 okt naar 18 Okt

Deze die Chilly Willy op 17 Okt. had willen zien moet even wachten tot 18 Okt. dan zullen ze een geweldig optreden geven in de Wheely Bar aanvang 18.00 uur. Dit neemt niet weg dat we op 17 Okt. nog steeds een geweldig mooi programma hebben.


In 2010 the band Chilly Willy started to suffer from 18 years of ‘tearin’ the house down’ in more than 500 bars and festivals in Belgium and abroad. Secondhand store, a side project of three of the original members showed different signs of a slow dead… But occassionaly … lots of boozz brought us back together … finally doing an anniversary concert where it all begon, Cafe Den Hemel in Meulstee… On the 10th of November 2011 the band played for a sold out house and had real fun. They decided to continue in almost the original format of 20 years ago with a mix of old and new songs. Chilly Willy will go back all the way with Andy of the Bluesbones, who replaces Nico from the Outside.

Keep the blues Alive !!!!